Despite the forecast, live like it’s spring.


Hey darlings!


I hope you’re doing well since the last time (it’s been a little while …). As for me, a lot has happened since! I celebrated my 25th birthday in Barcelona (where I found new items that will be soon on the blog), I continued the sport sessions with my coach and I am now back to business!

Spring is here, and so are the beautiful days, and as Mr. Clooney would say: “what else?” could make us happier?


Roses, leather and fishnet, here is the recipe of this perfect little combo…


The fishnet … enough is enough? The question leaves me puzzled, and as I have not answered it yet, I continue wearing it. Personally, even if I adore (I adooooore) the fishnet with large meshes, it does not really suit my morphology … Therefore, I always go for the small meshes. Remember my all time advice: wear what you want, yes, but learn to highlight your best features (and certainly not the other way around).

Let’s talk about this little Mango dress, which I love with all my heart. Here’s why: the light fabric makes it very comfortable; the flowery patterns are bright and colourful which avoids the old-fashioned side that flowers can bring; it is light but black, so it can be worn in many seasons; and the ruffle sleeves are of unparalleled beauty. In short, a total crush!


Mixing trends to redefine style.


As for the jacket, you may already know this item as I have already shown it before. Nothing has changed, still in love with it, and it remains impeccable despite the frequency I wear it with (and in addition, it still smells like leather, mmhh). It gives a rock-n-roll attitude to the outfit that contrasts the little flowers. This is the thing: I would never wear this dress with a simple pair of classic ballerinas. On the opposite, I do not wear my leather jacket and my Dr. Martens with a grunge nail choker and a Guns & Roses t-shirt (although I have nothing against it). In my universe, everything is balanced! And you know that mixing styles is my passion. In short, this flowery-rock mix (making up terms here) pleases me a lot and remains, in my opinion, super feminine.


Moschino Baby!


I must confess that my loneliness (♫) is healing as I no longer separate from this new backpack. At first I thought it would be very practical to travel with, but in the end, I end up wearing it at the slightest opportunity. Even if I am never fully at ease when I wear it (I live in a constant paranoia when I carry a backpack, as I fear being robbed), I adore it because it is super practical, very pretty, and it reminds me of my innocent days when I was on the way to school (no lies). I bought this bag on a huge sale (check the link below) in Milan (buying Moschino in Italy, a classic). Moschino is a designer brand which is more or less affordable – depending on our own conceptions and the items – but I believe that spending 150€ for an Italian leather made backpack is reasonable. Even though, I love this brand, I admit that 90% of their items are too eccentric for me. However, this bag remains sober and the details are on point: the padded leather is of a remarkable quality and the small heart buckle serving as a closure reminds me of a padlock and I love it a lot – too much romanticism here.


Like a Carrie Bradshaw!


Last but not least, this little personalized necklace! Personally, I had always wanted to have a necklace looking like the famous Carrie Bradshaw necklace! And I finally found it! This one comes from O’Necklace. This brand offers fully customizable jewelry (to visit their site, it is here). From rings to necklaces, passing by bracelets and earrings, O’Necklace allows you much freedom in designing your jewel: you can choose the material (for example: gold, pink, silver, plated gold, leather for bracelets …), style of writing or alphabet (possibility to write in Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Russian). They also sell other jewelry of their own design and their own collection. Plus, the quality is truly remarkable! I decided to wait a long time before presenting it to you (two months!) in order to be able to test its quality in the long term. The color and the shine do not tarnish despite the water, perfume or sweat (yes, I do sometimes keep it during my sports sessions) and I have not developed any allergies (yet my skin is very sensitive, why I do not wear so much jewelry). I have chosen the typography “Allegro” cause the “Carrie” one seemed a little too thick. And I am delighted with the design! The style is very feminine, delicate and the finish is impeccable. I think this jewel combines very well with this kind of flowery and romantic dresses, but I also love it with light shirts. In the summer, it will perfectly fit with a pretty low-cut blouse!

This kind of personalized jewelry can make a very nice gift idea. Besides, if you want to spoil yourself (or a loved one), you can get a 10% discount on your order online using the following promo code: CAFE10!

I hope that you enjoyed reading this! Do not hesitate to give me your opinions / thoughts in comments, I will answer to them with pleasure! See you soon for new adventures ❥




Robe (Mango) |Veste (Zara, old co)|Sac à dos (Moschino) – in sales|Bas (Veritas) | Boots (Dr. Martens)|Necklace (O’Necklace)