Hi darlings!

Today, I’m coming back for a look as original as comfortable! Honestly, this look completely took me out of my comfort zone. The simple fact of wearing a midi skirt in winter would never have come to my mind! The idea came to me while scrolling in the Instagram feed of Nina Schwichtenberg (@fashiioncarpet). She associates many pieces in an original way, but I never thought of combining my own clothes in that way. But I can tell you, I love the result! Seeing what she was doing, I tested some combos at home, in front of my mirror. Some were simply disastrous to be honest, while others surprisingly pleased me!

In this look, not many new pieces… I have already presented you most of them! Remember this skirt, in this look, or even these Air Force One Iridescent Pearl in this one. But well, as already mentioned, my goal is not to show you tons of new pieces, but also to give you inspiration for different ways to style your clothes! If I had to show you a look filled with new items every time, well I would post every three months or would be totally broke, lol. Well, all this to say that sometimes, we wear the same clothes over and over and we get tired of it, but there are certainly associations to which you never thought, that give a new life to your clothes. This is where the creative side of fashion does its job, and I love it!

There is not much to say about the pieces I wear because they are relatively simple. The only slight remark I can make is the comfort of this soft gray sweater. What matters in this article is the way so these pieces have been associated to give a result of thunder! And in my opinion, the photos speak for themselves … This look is very original, but is so cool! Do not hesitate to leave your habits, to test associations at home, or even in fitting rooms! Experiment, combine styles and mix trends that are not made to go together. Let go, we only live once and fashion is nothing more than an art allowing us to express our personality in a somewhat tacit way! I myself would never have thought of wearing such a look, and at the end, I’m a fan! It is only by trying that you can have beautiful surprises!

I hope this look will give you some inspiration or will make you see your wardrobe differently! ❥



Skirt (H&M, old co) |Sweater (H&M, old co)|Bag (Maje) |Sneakers (Nike)